Speaking and Workshops

Speaking and Workshops

I’m available for keynote speaking at conferences and association meetings, and extended visits with interested groups.

(That picture above is me visiting students at a graduate program in art and design at Cranford Academy. We talked about critical thinking in relation to artistic critique. Very fun!)

I enjoy visiting organizations and talking to people about the thinking challenges they face in their line of work.

The most common topic on which I speak is cognitive biases and their importance for critical thinking.

I tailor these presentations to fit the needs of the audience and the organization, and to make the content relevant to the work of practitioners in the organization.

For example, I would organize a talk differently if I was speaking to high school science teachers versus a group of managers at a marketing firm. But in both cases it is easy to show how cognitive biases are relevant to their interests and their practice.

Below is a sample of clients who have either purchased video content from me or invited me to speak.


Here’s a picture from a talk I gave for a group of performance auditors (Municipal Internal Auditors Association, Niagara Falls, October 2016).



Send me an email and let’s talk!

Email: kevin-at-criticalthinkeracademy.com